Opt-in means that people signed up from various sources on the internet to receive offers of interest through email newsletters sent out by our network. These email addresses are confirmed twice before added to a list.  Members have the choice to remove by clicking a simple link. Opt-In Email is the safest way to email on the internet, it is 100% spam free and there is no risk involved.

Yes. Out of all the options available on the internet opt-in email programs produce the highest click-to-sale ratio than any other form of advertising. Most opt-in email companies will send out the email for you, but cannot guarantee the click-thru rates as we can. All targeted orders have a 3% minimum click-thru guarantee!

Yes, we allow html ads, but we do not allow any type of java, javascript or iframes within the content we send. Once you have received your username and password, you will have access to submit either html or text content in your admin section.

Most of the high price opt-in email lists you see on the internet, have the cost of list collection built into them.  For every 1,000 opt-in email names collected by a standard opt-in email company, you should assume that they have spent around $2,000.00 to collect them. They then pass the costs on in the price of the email.

Our network is part of one of the largest advertising networks online. We reach millions of people each and everyday with our advertisers offers. The cost for us to collect a list of opt-in email addresses is almost non-existent as we own and operate our own advertising network and the websites within the network itself.  We have no costs to pass along. Instead we can focus on you, the customer rather than having to focus on the bottom line.

Absolutely not! SPAM is when a user sends a mass amount of email to people who have never asked to receive any information. By requiring each opt-in member to verify their website address with us along with the types of information they would like to receive, we guarantee each list to be SPAM free and highly responsive. Please also note that all targeted orders have a 3% minimum click-thru guarantee!

We track each link that is clicked on through it's email programs. We also give the advertiser access to this information. If we do not reach the guaranteed amount of click-thrus, we will continue mailing until we have done so, at no extra cost to our clients. We cannot guarantee that the set amount of click-thrus will be achieved on the first mailing. Variables such as content, and the offer itself dictate the type of response you will receive.

We have partnered with over 2,500 high traffic websites. We reach over 2.3 million different people each and every day. Some of these people are offered to sign up for our newsletters if they wish. It is completely up to the receiver if they want email from us and if what types of email they want from us. 

Yes. As a matter of fact not only do we credit our advertisers for bounced back email addresses "non-deliverables", but we also credit our advertisers for removes as well. While the odds of a bounced back email address are low, each and everyone is credited. Our Email Smarty Software manages lists automatically to insure all remove requests are handled immediately and any bounce backs are handled immediately as well. For this reason it is not uncommon to see sent amounts that are higher than the amounts you ordered. If for any reason an email address is sent back or someone asks to be removed, we will send an additional email in place of the bounce back or remove request.

We provide all of our advertisers with real-time stats which not only shows how many people have clicked through on your campaign so that you can match this against your website numbers, but we also supply you with daily updates of how much email has been sent.

No. When an email campaign is sent out the emails are created instantly and placed into a que. The system will send out each mail piece one at a time until the obligated amount has been sent.

No. We do not accept 3rd party lists. To insure that we do not send any type of spam only people who have directly opted into one of our lists will be sent advertisements. We do not send to anyone who has not personally opted into our program.

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