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We maintain various networks in order to deliver traffic based on the advertisers websites make up.

The highest quality network is our premium network. The premium network is reserved for websites that do not contain any visitor annoyances. These are websites that are free from sound, videos that play automatically, and any type of browser modification such as pop-ups and frame breakers. This is our fastest network with the  widest reach.

The next network is our sound network. These are reserved for websites that contain sound, music or video that plays automatically. Websites in this network may not contain any type of browser modification such as Java pop ups or frame breakers. This network is available to most mainstream countries. Traffic delivery is slower than our premium network. For this reason we recommend that advertisers when at all possible provide an alternative sites that does not contain sound so that they may run in the premium network. Many of our publishers have opted out from serving ads with sound due to the annoyance it causes their visitor base.

Our last network is reserved for those sites that either break out of our tracking frame or contain a Java pop up. These sites are restricted to a maximum of 500 visitors per day. They may also only target a worldwide audience. These types of sites cannot be targeted to a specific country. Please note that while we will alert you if your order is in violation and must go in this network. If we have not received a response from you within three business days we will automatically run the advertisement through a worldwide market regardless of what geo-targeting is selected.

Geotargeting allows us to target users from a specific country of origin and we can target most countries even though the volume for specialized country is very little. We use the latest ip databases provided by to establish what country of origin the users ip is from. This method is over 99% accurate in determining country. We offer traffic from over 200 countries but currently only list the top ones below.

Geo-Targets (Country, Region and USA Time Zones):

Argentina Denmark Kuwait Portugal Thailand America
Australia Estonia Malaysia Puerto Rico Turkey North America
Belgium Finland Mexico Romania United Kingdom South America
Brazil France Netherlands Russia United States European Union
Brunei Germany New Zealand Serbia USA - Eastern Middle East
Canada Greece Nigeria Singapore USA - Central Africa
Caribbean Islands Hungary Norway Slovakia USA - Mountain Asia
Chile India Panama South Africa USA - Pacific  
China Indonesia Peru Spain Venezuela  
Colombia Italy Phillipines Sweden Vietnam  
Czech Republic Japan Poland Switzerland Worldwide  

Targeting Options (Category, Language, Interest, Income, Age and Gender):

Age By 18 - 24 Dating & Personals Government Bathroom 
Age By 25 - 54 Web Hosting Hair Beauty - Supplies 
Age By 55+ Babies Religions Beauty - Makeup 
Female Targeting Language - English Astrology & Horoscopes  Beauty - Hair 
Male Targeting Language - Spanish Art Training 
Middle Class Language - Chinese Religion - Christian  Trading Online 
Upper Class Language - French Information Products  Top Web Sites 
Automotive Language - German Income Opportunities  Time Shares 
Business Opps Education - K-12 Loans  Tickets 
Business Services Education - Higher Loans - Personal  Television 
Career Mobile Services - Cellular Loans - Auto  Phones & Services
Casino Mobile Services - PDA Loans - Mortgage  Tea and Coffee 
Computer/Electronics Mobile Services - GPS  Employment  Tax
Education Politics - Democrat  Home Business  Stories and Poems 
Entertainment Politics - Republican  Fashion Accessories  Stocks 
Family Celebritites  Fashion - Apparel  Spyware and Adware
Financial Services Travel - Airline  Green Living Sports 
Food & Drinks Travel - Cruise  Environment  Skateboards 
Games Automotive - Sales  Self Help / Improvement  Cosmetics & Perfume 
Gifts Automotive - Parts  Marriage / Wedding  Crafts & Craft Making 
Health Automotive - Aftermarket  Pest Control  Domain Names 
Home & Garden Automotive - Custom  Real Estate  Credit Cards 
Insurance Services Automotive - Fuel  Mortgage  Dance 
Legal Services Travel - Car  Vitamins / Supplements  Debt Consolidation 
Medical Services Travel - Vacations  Antiques  Ebooks 
Recreation & Leisure Teenagers  Wine  Education 
Shopping Food - Cooking  Wrestling  Exhibitions & Conventions 
Special Events Food - Dining  Web Design Eye Care 
Sports & Fitness Gifts - Flowers  Web Resources  Costumes and Uniforms 
Telecommunications Gifts - Cards  Games - Video Computer - Advice 
Travel Fitness - Equipment  Games - PC  Comics 
Web Services Fitness - Instructional  Games - Family  Collectibles 
Fashion - Accessories Fitness - Nutritional  Games - Board  Clothes 
Diet & Exercise Diet - Services  Media Clocks and Watches 
Sportsman Diet - Supplements  Trivia  Clipart 
Credit Cards & Loans Diet - Instructional  Transportation  Christian 
Seasonal Health - Mens  Tourism  Charity 
Beauty Health - Womens  Animals  Chatrooms
Real Estate Health - Children  Advertising Media  Cellular Service 
Auctions Health - Prescriptions  Astronomy  Cellular Phones 
Pets / Supplies Event - Wedding  Audio  Car Audio 
Music Event - Graduation  Audio - Car  Candy and Confectionary 
Movies Event - New Parents  Audio - Home  Candles 
College Students Health - Senior  Personal Advice  Camping 
Investments Health - Insurance  Rims & Wheels  Business 
Jewelry Career - Home-based  Smoking - Tobacco  Building 
Software Career - Search  Smoking - Cigarettes  Bridal 
Home Improvement Food - Nutritional  Smoking - Cigars  Boxing 
Toys Computer - PC  Smoking - Pipes  Books 
Parents Computer - MAC  Automotive - Cars  Boats 
Webmasters Computer - Repair  Automotive - Trucks Bicycles 
Politics Computer - Upgrades  Automotive - ATV  Bathroom 
Multi-Level Marketing Computer - Hardware  Automotive - Rental  Babies 
Social Networking Software - PC  Babies / Expectant  Fabrics 
Finance Software - MAC Gardening Fashion
Flights Software - Linux Genealogy Fashion - Women
Forums High Tech Handbags Fashion - Men
Free Stuff History Hotels Fashion - Children
Friends and People Hobbies Humor and Fun Fire Fighters
Golf Hockey Kitchen Fishing
Ice Skating Home Electronics Language Flooring
Ice Hockey Home Furnishings Law and Law Enforcement Furniture
Income Opportunities Horses Liquor and Alcohol Geography
Industry Information Motorcycles Law Enforcement Magazines
Insurance and Banking Medical Kids Maps
Internet Services Cash Gifting Kids Activities Medical
Jobs and Career Counselling MP3 Law Nature
Loans Musical Instruments Office Supplies Outdoor
Marketing - Internet Myspace Organized Sports Celebrities
Marketing - Non Internet NBA Police Pets
Match Making NCAA Property - Commercial Printers and Supplies
Run of Network NHL Property - Residential Posters
Money Making Photography Ringtones Party Supplies
Personal Advice Plants Safety and Security Special Ocassions
Self Improvement Rollerskating Self Defense School
Retirement Rollerblading Satellite TV Science
Online Storage Football Self Help Seniors
Sales Football - NFL Interior Design Luxury
Online Storage YouTube - Related Coupons Services
Technology Blogs Homeowners Shoes and Foot Products

While we welcome Adult orders of any kind please note that we will not accept the following into our adult network.

Orders that contain sound.
Orders that contain frame breakers.
Orders that contain a java exit pop / exit loop (except worldwide).
Orders that depict underage persons or any other type of illegal content.
Please note that each country has its' own laws governing pornographic material. Because of this geotargeting may be limited to exclude certain countries and regions.

We understand that a quick start time is essential to the success of your business. We employ a dedicated team to review and start your campaigns in a timely manner. When we receive an order, is rigorously scanned and put through a 10 point fraud check. Because of this, the approval process can be slow at times.  Your account will usually approve in a few hours time, but no longer than one business day unless our system has detected a problem with your account. We typically schedule account activations at 8am and 4pm CST M-F.  We also process approvals at 8 AM CST on Saturdays.

These websites are advertising networks that alternate various types of content through their links. Because of our inability to determine what specific sites are being passed through our network we have chose not to accept them at this time. There have been many instances in the past where these networks were passing viruses and malicious software to our network to our publishers users. In addition, these networks violate our frame breaking terms.

We use a state of the art tracking system to track your ad campaign. Each order is given a unique campaign id which is used to track visitors to your site. Our servers track visitors in real time as they pass through our network. Each time a visitor lands on your website for more than 20 seconds, we count this as 1 visitor and deduct it from your account.

Please note that we do not accept Google Analytics as proof of delivery due to the fact that Google Analytics cannot read 3rd party cookies, so this makes it impossible to read a cookie set through our redirect and tracking scripts which make the user invisible to Google Analytics.  For this reason, we strongly advise you to use instead of Google Analytics, or any other third party traffic counter such as AWStats, Webalizer, StatCounter, etc.

Our network owns and operates many well-known internet websites. Our current portfolio consist of over 18,200 websites internet wide, including established search engines, internet service providers, movie sites, social networking sites, online gaming sites, and a domain registrar which currently hosts over 9700 ad supported websites (expired domain traffic). Our network currently consists of 60% pop-under traffic and 40% expired domain traffic. All these advertising models generate over 25-40 Millions ad impressions a day and over 2 Millions unique visitors each day.

We offer minimum 20 seconds viewing time. We count a visit after 20 seconds and deduct it from your account. For this reason it is common to see sent amounts that are higher than the amounts you ordered. In addition, that gives enough time to your site to load, to convince visitors and to reduce bounce rate. Almost all other traffic providers count a visit after just 5 seconds. So you see the difference!

Yes. Our targeted unique traffic program is very effective in increasing the ranking of the promoted site and we can give you 100% guarantee even though we do not have control over At the same time we would like to tell you that many advertisers have benefited alot through this program and they have seen an overall increase in their ranking as well. Please note that an average promotion can take up to a few weeks before showing any signs of increased rank. This largely depends on the users current Alexa ranking.

Volume! We deal with so much traffic, we are able to keep our prices very low and save you money. We receive many customer inquiries before purchases are made voicing their concern as to why our prices are so low! There are many other resellers out there with prices sometimes 10X our amount and guess what, the resellers buy from us! That is how low our prices are. We dare anyone to test our service, price and traffic!

We do not guarantee anyone that they will generate more sales due to sales on a website will depend on many factors including the website product, content, load time, layout, product pricing, presentation, service and more factors. We will provide the service of sending visitors to your website, your job is to generate these visitors into customers and we'll do our best to achieve that.

However, we do guarantee delivery of the full amount of web traffic that you have purchased or we will refund you prorated. In such rare case that we cannot complete the full delivery of service within the specified timeframe, we can either issue a prorated refund for the remaining visitors or continue your service delivery until the web traffic service is complete.

After submitting your order, one of our marketing specialists will visit your website, send you his feedback and comments on it and set up your campaign. We will also assign you a dedicated account manager who will take care of your campaign and assist you with any question you may have. We will start delivering traffic to your website within 24 hours.

Alexa traffic is traffic specifically designed to help an individual user increase their traffic ranking with over a period of time. Each visitor deliver through this methods has the alexa toolbar installed on their computer allowing each visitor to count in the Alexa system and helping to raise the ranking for the promoted site. On average promotion can take up to a few weeks before showing any signs of increased rank. This largely depends on the users current Alexa ranking.

According to many webmasters and the top marketing experts, the answer is yes. The main reason is that Alexa ranking plays a major role in building your site's reputation and helps investors and advertisers see the true marketing potential of your website.

Many similar services on the internet use deceptive methods such as computer-generated hits to increase the Alexa rank. With our service, your Alexa rank will be increased naturally by redirecting 100% organically-gained people with the Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers to your website.

If your site is already in the top 100K, you should start seeing results within 7 days. Websites that are not in the top 100K already can expect it to take a little longer before positive results are seen. There are two major reasons for this delay:

1) Alexa only updates averages every 7 days for sites with a rank greater than 100k.

2) Alexa rankings are based on 3 month averages. If your website has a rank lower than 100K, you may have to wait longer to see results: especially if your website is new to the internet.

Since Alexa traffic is limited to only those visitors that have the toolbar installed, delivery can be much slower. If you notice that your account is getting less than 25-50 visitors per day, it may have been assigned to a slow feed. It is recommended at that point that you open a support ticket for investigation.

In order to qualify for premium status, your website may not contain any of the following:

Frame breakers or busters
Sound of any kind
Pops of any kind
Browser altering codes or download / exit prompts

While we welcome sound ads, we cannot guarantee volumes for sound related ads. Many companies that serve ads with us simply do not want their visitors to be annoyed with sound. For this reason most campaigns will run slow. At times if you have a very non mainstream country site such as Iran, sound ads may not run at all.

Yes. Google provides a detailed list of instances that are not accepted by the AdSense program. According to Google's TOS our service is in 100% compliance with their TOS and therefor deemed to be AdSense safe.

You can update the targeting at anytime during the duration of your campaign. You cannot add multiple targets or geotargets to one order however. You may add multiple orders for one account, that will cover multiple targets however.

Opt-in means that people signed up from various sources on the internet to receive offers of interest through email newsletters sent out by our network. These email addresses are confirmed twice before added to a list.  Members have the choice to remove by clicking a simple link. Opt-In Email is the safest way to email on the internet, it is 100% spam free and there is no risk involved.

Yes. Out of all the options available on the internet opt-in email programs produce the highest click-to-sale ratio than any other form of advertising. Most opt-in email companies will send out the email for you, but cannot guarantee the click-thru rates as we can. All targeted orders have a 3% minimum click-thru guarantee!

Yes, we allow html ads, but we do not allow any type of java, javascript or iframes within the content we send. Once you have received your username and password, you will have access to submit either html or text content in your admin section.

Most of the high price opt-in email lists you see on the internet, have the cost of list collection built into them.  For every 1,000 opt-in email names collected by a standard opt-in email company, you should assume that they have spent around $2,000.00 to collect them. They then pass the costs on in the price of the email.

Our network is part of one of the largest advertising networks online. We reach millions of people each and everyday with our advertisers offers. The cost for us to collect a list of opt-in email addresses is almost non-existent as we own and operate our own advertising network and the websites within the network itself.  We have no costs to pass along. Instead we can focus on you, the customer rather than having to focus on the bottom line.

Absolutely not! SPAM is when a user sends a mass amount of email to people who have never asked to receive any information. By requiring each opt-in member to verify their website address with us along with the types of information they would like to receive, we guarantee each list to be SPAM free and highly responsive. Please also note that all targeted orders have a 3% minimum click-thru guarantee!

We track each link that is clicked on through it's email programs. We also give the advertiser access to this information. If we do not reach the guaranteed amount of click-thrus, we will continue mailing until we have done so, at no extra cost to our clients. We cannot guarantee that the set amount of click-thrus will be achieved on the first mailing. Variables such as content, and the offer itself dictate the type of response you will receive.

We have partnered with over 2,500 high traffic websites. We reach over 2.3 million different people each and every day. Some of these people are offered to sign up for our newsletters if they wish. It is completely up to the receiver if they want email from us and if what types of email they want from us. 

Yes. As a matter of fact not only do we credit our advertisers for bounced back email addresses "non-deliverables", but we also credit our advertisers for removes as well. While the odds of a bounced back email address are low, each and everyone is credited. Our Email Smarty Software manages lists automatically to insure all remove requests are handled immediately and any bounce backs are handled immediately as well. For this reason it is not uncommon to see sent amounts that are higher than the amounts you ordered. If for any reason an email address is sent back or someone asks to be removed, we will send an additional email in place of the bounce back or remove request.

We provide all of our advertisers with real-time stats which not only shows how many people have clicked through on your campaign so that you can match this against your website numbers, but we also supply you with daily updates of how much email has been sent.

No. When an email campaign is sent out the emails are created instantly and placed into a que. The system will send out each mail piece one at a time until the obligated amount has been sent.

No. We do not accept 3rd party lists. To insure that we do not send any type of spam only people who have directly opted into one of our lists will be sent advertisements. We do not send to anyone who has not personally opted into our program.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques and best practices aimed at improving a site’s visibility in the organic search results to attract qualified traffic. For a business or an ecommerce website, the prospect of being found through organic search is attractive due to the potential for targeted traffic and sales.

Organic traffic refers to the unpaid traffic that naturally finds its way to a site through search engines. Most organic traffic originates from a search entered into a major search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

The time it takes to reach your SEO goals will depend on many external factors including the techniques used, keyword competitiveness, industry conditions and the age of the site. However, social bookmarking is one of the fastest acting SEO options currently available. Our SEO campaigns, especially the Platinum SEO pack can significantly increase organic traffic to your site. Within a week, most of these links will already start to have some effect on your rankings and within a month, very clear results can be seen from our social bookmarking services.

Our SEO campaigns, especially the Platinum SEO pack can significantly increase organic traffic to your site, but to be honest we cannot guarantee sales conversions due to the fact that there are many external variables affecting conversions that are simply outside of the SEO scope. However, we highly recommend you try our fully targeted Cost-Per-Visitor Advertising model.

All the SEO in the world cannot improve a shopper's reaction to poor design. The shopper should immediately "feel" your online store is legitimate and trustworthy. If they don't trust your site, they won't purchase a product nor will they come back to the store to browse in the future. Bottom line: Having a professional looking design in place is critical.

All of our services are organic natural white hat and done manually.

We only offer a refund if the service has not started, once the service starts we dot not offer any refunds.

Yes, with lots of time, expertise and patience. Learning the ins and outs of SEO, developing a strategy, and implementing/monitoring progress is a time consuming feat that many business owners aren't interested in tackling. Our SEO services are offered for clients who want to spend time on other aspects of their businesses while letting experts handle their SEO campaigns.

It would be unethical for any SEO service provider to guarantee specific search engine results due to the uncontrollable variables that influence them. Any company that makes such a promise demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of SEO. The methods and practices we employ are both ethical and have a strong history of success.

Aside from a few items that require client approval, you can be as involved or hands-off as you would like. Some of our clients choose to be highly involved and enjoy providing content ideas and suggestions. Others prefer to concentrate on their day-to-day business and leave all SEO efforts to our team. We respect each store owner's personal time commitments. Regardless of your involvement level, our SEO team will always provide consistent reporting to ensure that you're informed on current developments.

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